Taking time for reflection on what’s working, what’s not, and what you want for yourself and your family can make a huge difference in your family’s dynamic.

The more clear you are on where you are and where you want to be, the more able you are to parent well. 

Much of what I do with my parent coaching clients involves:

  • Asking reflection questions to help people mine their wisdom and experience
  • Illuminating unknown places with both of our knowledge, creativity, and intuition
  • Focusing on positive forces and qualities in each family

The reflection questions I share below will help you mine your wisdom, gain insight, and focus on the positive in order to open up new energy for you to feel good and parent well. Knowing that all of us care about nurturing young people to feel seen, heard, and well-loved makes me feel deeply grateful for each of you. Thank you for being here to reflect with me.

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Parenting well is an act of social justice.

You are creating a legacy for future generations as you parent, whether you are conscious of your choices or not. Our children internalize our values, our ways of interacting with other people, and our ways of handling adversity and daily challenges. Taking the time to reflect periodically, whether on your own or in a parent coaching session, helps you to be more conscious and intentional about how you respond to your children. You will free up energy, gain confidence and experience more joy as you parent in ways that make you feel good about yourself.

Try these questions out and let me know how you feel!

Reflection Questions for You and Your Family:

? CELEBRATE: Reflect on what brings you alive because what you focus on grows! 

What were my high points and peak experiences this past year or season?

When did I feel most happy and engaged with my family?

?️ LEARN: Look at what challenged you to learn valuable lessons.

Where have I been struggling as a parent and as a person? How have I responded to those challenges?

What lessons have I learned? What do I now understand in a different way, thanks to the experiences I’ve had this year?

? RELEASE: Letting go creates space for something new.

Which habits or patterns am I ready to let go of now?

Just like the trees shed their leaves and new buds prepare for the coming spring, what do I want to release? Where do I want to put my new energy?

? SAVOR: Appreciate the good in the present to preserve and protect that good.

What do I value in myself, each member of my family, and my life in general?

Which aspects of my life do I want to continue to honor in the coming year?

? IMAGINE: Dreaming of a new reality with all of our senses brings it into existence. 

A year from now, what do I want to be celebrating? What do I want to be feeling and experiencing in my life?

What first steps do I need to take to help bring my imaginings into reality?


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Winter-themed tips:

Tips for Winter Family Fun + A Vacation Planning Sheet – two printable sheets for you! One is full of fun ideas and one will help you craft a schedule for the week with your kids.

Your Holiday Tool Belt – mindset shifts and easy to apply strategies to help YOU feel better

How to Choose Your Word of the Year – a do-it-yourself reflection workshop in a blog with a helpful guide you can print out and use. Want to do this in a group? Join me for my free Word of the Year Workshop on Jan. 10th at 7:30pm.

New Year’s Related Opportunities:

Tuesday, January 10th 7:30pm – Word of the Year Workshop – Free opportunity to try out the experience of choosing your word of the year in a group setting. Click here to register.

Feel shy? You can also find your word of the year on your own or with a few friends. Learn how HERE.

Saturday, February 4th 10am-3pm Vision Board Retreat online – Wonderfully fun annual experience $147 – Guided reflection on what you want to bring into the new year will help you create a beautiful collage to remind you of what’s most important all year long. Save your spot HERE

I wish you a peaceful and healthy year!

May your visions for the new year come true,


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Who I serve:
I coach parents from coast to coast in the US and internationally.  Thanks to Zoom, I am currently coaching parents from Boston to Seattle, Connecticut to California, as well as New York, Ohio, and Colorado. I’ve worked with parents in Bermuda, Japan, Portugal, and Canada as well. I’m grateful for these global and domestic connections!