Group Parent Coaching



Many parents enjoy group coaching with a small number of other parents. You go through the same sequence of sessions as in individual coaching and gain the perspectives of other parents facing similar issues. Amy has facilitated small groups for years in her work as a teacher and as a coach, and she loves the group dynamics and connections that grow in this setting.



Group Coaching offers special benefits including:

  • Learning from other parents
  • Getting a wider range of feedback on your own questions and experiences
  • Developing closer relationships with other parents
  • A space which offers support, community, and closeness as you practice being vulnerable and reap the benefits of honest sharing and communication
  • The potential to develop a group which can continue to support each other
  • Lower cost than one on one coaching

Packages available:

  • Small group composed of 4-6 people you may or may not know
  • Small group who choose to focus on particular issues or ages together in their coaching (i.e. Pre-K-Elementary transitions, middle school challenges, connecting with teens, interfaith families, parents of children with special needs, divorced parents, grieving parents, parents of girls, parents of boys, parents of children with ADD/ADHD, grandparents, nannies or au-pairs, etc. You name your interest group, we’ll create it.)

If you are interested in group coaching, please fill out this form below so that we can create a group that will get the most out of our time together.

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