The Inner Counselor Process: What it is and how it helps

Do you feel stuck in a familiar pattern that you’d like to let go of?

The Inner Counselor Process™ is a guided meditative experience proven to transform old patterns of thinking and feeling. This deeply relaxing experience of feeling and visioning brings powerful healing resolution and spiritual integration.

Do you find yourself stuck in old coping mechanisms and behaviors that frustrate you? Maybe you get caught in “the shoulds,” anxiety, overwhelm, or perfectionism. Or perhaps you respond to stress by checking out or by feeling hurt and getting angry. We all have our patterns.

If you are ready to shift some of those patterns and feel more in control of your responses to difficult situations, the Inner Counselor Process is for you. Within one 60-minute session, we can create a huge shift on a deep level that frees you up to be your best self.

“You just helped me heal old trauma that would have taken me months to work through. Because of that session we did together, I got to leapfrog to the heart of the matter to let the healing begin. It has been life-altering in such a positive way. Thank you! That was amazing!”

— Jennifer Flynn, parent of 3, Gunnison, CO


All of us experience patterns in our distress – that sickening feeling of familiarity as we slip into reactive behavior. We can feel like something is pulling us down into a hole, even as we try to stay up on safe ground. This can feel like…

  • Overwhelm and confusion – racing thoughts or a feeling of fuzziness and exhaustion
  • Fear – feeling frozen or in flight to avoid dealing with something upsetting
  • Anger – yelling things we later regret saying, irritability, simmering resentment
  • Anxiety – panicky bodily sensations, endless internal conversations and niggling worries
  • Numbing activities – eating, drinking, watching, or sleeping too much
  • Guilt and Shame – feelings of regret, worthlessness, embarrassment
  • Other unpleasant emotions – a loud inner critic, lethargy, inability to make decisions

These feelings are not the problems in themselves — they are symptoms of coping mechanisms based on old patterns, beliefs and ideas.

This means that we can do something to feel better and release ourselves from those old beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us.

“That Inner Counselor Process™ has transformed my life. It helps me say, “This is who I am.” It allows me to know myself. Instead of spiraling when I hear negative things, I now consciously go back to that place we discovered, regain my self-worth and move beyond, aware of my own power.”

— Karen Carroll Bennett, Mother of 3 teens in Newton MA


I offer Inner Counselor Sessions as part of my 1:1 Parent Coaching packages and as stand-alone sessions for past clients and individuals seeking a transformational healing experience around a particular pattern in their lives.

Sounds interesting…What are the practical details?

These sessions generally last one hour and are on Zoom. Once a client is familiar with the process, I sometimes weave shorter versions into my coaching sessions to offer powerful tools in a matter of minutes.

Through our guided meditation Inner Counselor Process, you will connect with a vision of a peaceful place and access your inner wisdom. I guide you in a gently interactive way to explore the feelings, needs, and possibilities that are part of whatever challenge or pattern you are experiencing.

We talk throughout the experience and you have the freedom to lean in or out of anything that pops up for you. You will be amazed at how your self-compassion and clarity grow through this experience.

Oftentimes a single session is so powerful that you will use the insights you gain for years. I, myself, continue to go back to the images I received, now years after my first Inner Counselor experience. Some clients enjoy using this process multiple times for various challenges as well.

I’ve helped many people access their Inner Wisdom and creativity through this process so that they are able to face new situations in refreshingly powerful ways. Everyone reports feeling greater freedom, energy, and peace.

Relationships improve, confidence rises, and joy increases as you align with your Inner Wisdom.

I work with individuals in stand alone sessions, group experiences, and through parent coaching.

I want to experience this Inner Counselor Process. How do I sign up?

Email me at to schedule an Inner Counselor Session or schedule a Clarity Call to learn how we can start accessing your Inner Wisdom and healing. 

“After several years of struggling with a dysfunctional and painful communication dynamic with my mom, I realized that I had to make some major changes on my end so as not to exacerbate the situation and to not be triggered or hurt at every turn. The Inner Counselor meditation guided me to develop cognitive tools and strategies that have served to strengthen my resilience and compassion in a way that reduced the emotional charge of the conversations and my susceptibility to emotional triggers.

I developed the ability to call on these new practices and tools in the midst of these conversations and found in them the mental anchor I needed to stabilize myself. The practice has also helped me to be less “reactive” and grounded when the conversations became more emotionally charged.” 

Clara Bergen, Mom of two teens in New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

Transpersonal psychologist Ann Nunley, PhD Dean of Academics and Professor at Holos University Graduate Seminary, developed and taught this effective approach over 30 years. She taught the Inner Counselor System to create a highly effective approach for self-directed, on-going personal and spiritual healing and growth.

The Inner Counselor has three essential components:

  1.  A clear conceptual Framework,
  2.  A guided Self-Awareness Process, and
  3.  A Method that integrates these two components to create powerful and lasting transformations in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
You will feel deeply relaxed and in touch with your true self. You’ll walk away with effective  tools to guide you through current and future challenges:

  • Experience of a peaceful place
  • Relief from emotional distress
  • Awareness of your internal wisdom
  • Personal mantras or wise words
  • Beautiful symbols to guide you
  • Ability to make wise decisions
  • Healing, growth and well-being
  • Reconnection with Self and others
  • Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit
If you do an Inner Counselor Session as part of your Individual Coaching Package, it simply counts as one of your sessions. If you want to do a stand alone session and receive follow up notes, the sessions are $297.
Many people go on to journal, create art, find or purchase small items to remind them of the wisdom they gained. This helps the effects last for years, or even decades.
Email me at to schedule an Inner Counselor Session or schedule a Clarity Call to learn how we can start accessing your Inner Wisdom and healing.