Individual Parent Coaching

Parent coaching works for individuals and couples or any primary caregivers, such as step-parents, grandparents, relatives, nannies or guardians.

Coaching sessions can be on the phone, on Zoom or on Skype in the comfort of your home or office or in person. They typically last 60 minutes, but can be longer when meeting as a couple.

During a session, you are encouraged to take some notes for yourself and you can opt to receive written feedback after each session that highlights important points and suggestions identified during the session.

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Individual/Couples Coaching Includes:

  • Weekly or biweekly 60-minute sessions
  • 12 sessions for optimal results
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Pre-Session Planning Questions to help us both focus on your needs
  • Post-Session Reflection Questions to deepen your experience
  • Email response between sessions
  • Supportive resources
Amy Behrens - Individual Parent Coaching

Available Packages

  • Focused Single session
  • 4-6 Session packages
  • 12 Session package
  • Tune up Sessions as desired after completion of full parent coaching experience
Individual Parent Coaching
Through the whole coaching process, Amy was the very definition of committed. She was completely focused and engaged, took copious notes, asked highly relevant questions, engaged in dialogue for the sake of discovery and clarification, and then took the time to compose a very detailed and thorough email summary of every single session. I felt supported, heard, and understood every step of the way.
Father in Brookline, MA
Amy reminds me to pay attention to and move toward what lights me up and what makes me feel most alive. This helps me to focus on what is most important in my life.
Mother dealing with separation and job transition in Newton, MA
Amy helps me prepare. She helps me think through questions to ask my children to initiate difficult conversations, then role-plays with me so I feel confident in having those conversations.
Mother of teens in Newton, MA
What has stayed with me are the new ways of thinking, of seeing a situation, of approaching a tense situation, and of recognizing when I’m falling into my old patterns. I was also surprised to see in how many other areas of my life I was able to apply these insights—not only in my family, but also at work and my community.
Mom of 2 in Queens, NY
Amy is a highly intelligent, passionate and dedicated person who is genuinely concerned for parents and the position of the family in the current social and political climate. Her intelligence and passion are complemented by a deep fountain of intuition and also her own experience as a parent raising three girls.
Father of 3 in Brookline, MA