Guided Meditation Audios

Thousands of research studies have shown that meditation is a powerful way to train your brain and focus your attention. You can literally “rewire” your brain by practicing the act of bringing your attention back to where you want it to go. Guided meditations help you direct that attention in helpful ways.

As I share with my clients, “What you focus on grows,” and “Energy flows where attention goes.”

Try my guided meditations to learn to shift out of old coping mechanisms into new responses that offer more freedom, positive energy, and personal agency. Many clients report success using images and ideas from these meditations to help themselves respond in new ways to familiar patterns.

I’ve recorded the following meditations when sharing them with various groups I run. These are a great way to take some time for yourself and train your brain to move towards feeling more playful, excited and at ease as you parent and live your life.

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Mountain Meditation

This guided meditation will help you feel relaxed, calm, steadfast, and resilient as you experience being like a mountain. This visualization will help you be able to withstand the turbulence of life with more ease and grace.

Respond in a New Way Meditation – Using your Word of the Year

This guided meditation will help you get in touch with the feelings of a challenging situation, identify your needs, widen your lens, and imagine responding in a new way. This is especially helpful when you are feeling frustrated with a certain interaction, pattern or situation and in need of a new way forward.

Catalyst And Intention Meditation

This is a 20 minute guided meditation during which you will connect with pleasurable childhood memories. You will gain peace, inspiration, and wisdom to guide you in your current life.

Acceptance Meditation

This is a 17-minute meditation to help increase self-acceptance and the ability to allow things to be as they are. Learn how to work with inner resistance and self-critique in order to feel more free and energized. The first 5 minutes are for relaxation and the last 12 minutes are for working with resistance to experience more peace and acceptance.

Peak Values Meditation

This is a meditation inspired by Tara Mohr’s work (author of Playing Big). I will guide you through connecting with past “peak” experiences in order to identify your core values so that you can live in greater alignment with what matters most to you.

Freedom And Space Meditation

20 minute meditation to connect with your inner wisdom and gain insight for your current life. Relax your body to feel more spacious and do some “time traveling” to visit times of freedom in your life.

Light And Serenity Meditation

This meditation offers you a chance to quiet your mind, appreciate the dark of night, and invite in feelings of light, serenity and new possibilities.

Perspective & Vision Meditation

12 minute guided meditation to inspire self-compassion, new perspective, vision, dreams, and possibilities.

Ease, Flow And Leaning In Meditation

This is a 11-minute meditation to help you unwind and bring greater ease and flow into your life and present challenges.

Breath and Body Meditation

9 Minute Meditation to help you come back home to yourself through awareness of your breath and body.

Meditation For Word Of Year

This 13-minute centering meditation includes a body scan and visualization to help you connect with your wise self.

Centering Meditation

This meditation will help you feel grounded in your body and able to listen to your inner wisdom.

I also recommend the following meditations from other meditation teachers: – great website and app for 10 minute daily meditations and podcasts. It’s helped me meditate for 90+ weeks straight already!

Oren Jay Sofer (One of my favorites!)

Sebene Selassie – google “Sebene Selassie meditation” to find her excellent meditations

Jeff Warren – great set of meditations with some emphasis on parenting

Sharon Salzberg – Sharon is a master teacher of meditation.