Can a single phrase really change your relationship with your child?


parent coach amy behrens with workshop participants

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • You serve dinner and within minutes, your kids are getting up from the table and squabbling with each other. You try to remain calm, but finally belt out, “Can’t anyone sit still and just eat their dinner? Stop fighting right now!!!”
  • You leave a meeting early to pick up your 12 year old from a club meeting. When he gets in the car, you eagerly ask about his day, hoping to connect, but he replies with irritation, “Fine. I don’t feel like talking.” You’re annoyed and disappointed, so you snap, “Well you’re a real treat. I’m so glad I picked you up.” Then you instantly regret your sarcasm as he pulls further further away from you.
  • Your older child just started learning to play the recorder and is marching around the kitchen blaring “Hot Cross Buns” while you finish packing lunches and your baby is pulling on your leg and crying. You try counting to 10 and then can’t stand it any more and yell, “Stop playing that instrument! Can’t you see I can’t listen right now?!”

While all of these reactions are perfectly understandable, none of them leads to cooperation and improved behavior. Instead, our angry responses make our kids get more mad, feel hurt, and focus on our rude behavior instead of what they need.

I’ve been there, and so have many of my parent coaching clients. So, how do we gain the awareness and ability to pause before we open our mouths?


Personal Parenting Mantras – phrases that both remind you to be present and guide your actions – are a powerful tool to add to your parenting toolbox. I’ve been developing my own and helping my clients develop theirs for years.. Now it’s your turn.

Imagine if 90 minutes of being in a shared space with other parents saved you hours and hours of regret, apologies, and beating yourself up? And instead, you felt understood, supported, and inspired? 


The Find-Your-Own-Mantra Workshop will guide you to discover simple phrases to transform your interactions with your child.

I love listening to the thoughts, struggles, joys, successes of others in your workshops. I often find myself thinking of what people have said long after I have left the group. I always grow from the experience, and feel very full and enriched by it. Because of the uniqueness of each workshop, there are times when it feels magical. Thank you for a wonderful, enriching group that allows me a connection and deepening to myself and to others who I would not necessarily know otherwise.

— Erika, Mom of three, Newton, MA

Why should I sign up for this workshop?

  • Open up your imagination and generate ideas through guided reflection.
  • Learn a tool you can use again and again.
  • Work through tough situations to gain clarity and wisdom.
  • Experience new mindsets that will improve your life.
  • Know you are not alone in your parenting struggles.
  • Share ideas you can test out with your own children.

Tools and Takeaways:

  • A Guided Reflection to give you insights that bring clarity
  • The Create-Your-Own-Mantra Tool to transform unpleasant patterns
  • Shared wisdom of a group of likeminded parents
  • Real-time experiences with how mantras work
  • Relief and peace of mind that your parenting experiences improve from here

Join us on Zoom on a Friday in December:

Friday, Dec. 16th
11am-12:30pm EST.

Make the $47 investment
in your family right here.

Spots are limited so save your seat early.
Couples may join under one ticket.

I look forward to helping you discover
your own personal parenting mantras.
See you in December!


Want to get started thinking about your mantras?
Click here to read my recent blog post.

Amy’s workshops inspire us to think about our vision of our best selves. Amy guides us to be present. She is a wonderful, thoughtful listener and facilitator who shows caring and compassion for all of her attendees. I have learned and grown so much with Amy as a role model, coach and educator. Thanks for a great workshop, Amy!”

— Karen Ghiron, Newton, MA, Mom of three


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Amy Behrens, M.Ed. is a certified parent coach and educator who helps parents get clear on their values, connect deeply with their children, and feel confident as they navigate the challenges of parenting. Learn more here.

You can read her “Strategies for Soulful Parents” blog and sign up for her monthly newsletter on her website.

Amy has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on websites including the Parent Coaching Institute and Families Organizing for Racial Justice. The latter is a city-wide initiative she helped found in Newton, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and three children.