Transform your family’s dynamic.

Connect deeply with yourself and your family.

Gain clarity on what’s most important to you as a parent.

Confidently create the life you want for your family.

Become the parent you want to be.

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your family’s dynamic.

Connect deeply with yourself and your family.

Gain clarity on what’s most important
to you as a parent.

Confidently create the life you want
for your family.

Become the parent you want to be.

Schedule a clarity call

As a parent coach, it’s my mission to help you build deeper connections, communicate more clearly, and actively create the family dynamic you want.

Being a parent requires being a role model while balancing a dizzying array of responsibilities, often while sleep-deprived, hungry, lonely, and maybe even a little angry sometimes. It’s hard to practice self-care when there is always someone who needs you and something to do. And yet, it’s essential for your well-being.

I help parents find ways to take good care of themselves and feel energized, in ways that benefit your whole family.

Parenting can be like embarking on a challenging hiking trail. The right preparation, tools, information, and support make all the difference!

Parents who work with me experience:

  • Mind-opening insights
  • Powerful tools of communication
  • Nimble adaptability in
    responding to challenging family
  • Equanimity and wisdom in
    designing their family culture

Parent coaching creates a safe, judgment-free space for you to be your most honest self, free yourself from negative patterns, and discover how to tap into your inner wisdom. Learn how to become the parent you dream of being with greater ease and confidence.

Busy parents rarely get the time they need to step back, look at their family dynamics, and become more intentional about how they parent.

Parent coaching helps you build a personal toolbox of mindsets and strategies that work for YOU.


We live in a fastchanging, information-heavy world, so it helps to
slow down and get clear on how you want to raise your children
while also nurturing your own personal growth and wellbeing.

We are raising the next generation and you don’t need to do it alone.

Want to get to know each other?

Schedule a Complimentary Clarity Call.
You’ll have 30 minutes with me on the phone or on Zoom to share about your family and learn if we’re a good fit.


Learn more about the path of parent coaching HERE.

I needed personalized strategies…

I was experiencing a host of communication challenges with my sweet and strong-willed 3 year-old son. Not only was I out of ideas, but I had also lost my confidence. I had read the parenting books, listened to a million parenting podcasts, etc. but I needed personalized strategies that were tailored to myself and my son.

From my first call with Amy, I instantly felt better! Not only did we strategize many different situations, but she was supportive, empathetic, affirming and just a pleasure to talk to. Over the course of our sessions together, we’ve developed a playbook that I can reference and I feel like my toolbox is full. Thank you, Amy, for helping me get my confidence back and giving me some fantastic parenting support and advice!

Mackenzie H., North Reading, MA, Mom of a 3 year old

When to Seek a Parent Coach

You’ve probably read parenting books, followed Instagram experts, and listened to podcasts… but, you still feel stuck and unsure about how to put those great ideas into action with your unique family and your particular kids. The cookie cutter approach just doesn’t cut it.

Maybe you’ve tried some strategies that work for a week or two, but are too hard to sustain or don’t quite align with your values. Things aren’t changing, you keep losing your cool, and you’re out of ideas.

Perhaps your child has received a new diagnosis or report from school, and you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to create the path forward.

You see your kids doing things that you fear you’re contributing to unintentionally. You’re worried that your own anxieties, frustrations, and patterns are affecting your kids, and you don’t know how to change.

You probably have an image in your head of being a more soulful parent while creating a strong, intentional family dynamic, and yet you can’t quite make it happen. Not knowing where to start creates its own kind of overwhelm and anxiety.

You long to feel clear, intentional, and confident in both your words and your actions.

Parent coaching is perfect for parents who are…

  • Ready to hit pause and step back to take stock of what’s working and what
    needs to change
  • Able to appreciate the good in life, and yet, know things could be better
  • Eager to feel better and develop a repertoire of skills and strategies that work well with their unique kids and family culture.
  • Willing to look within and explore new approaches
  • Open to nurturing themselves as they nurture their children
  • Up for laughing, having fun, and being more playful

Definitely worth every penny to help yourself and your family.

Through patience and humor, Amy finds a way to navigate the intensity of parenting and partnership. Amy shows you patterns in your behavior,
insight into your child, and how to connect with your spouse.

If you want to feel more calm, connected to your kids and spouse, and centered within yourself, Amy is the coach for you. Her accessibility, gentle guidance, and support are wrapped in levity, understanding, and care.

Definitely worth every penny to help yourself and your family.

— Jen C., M.D., Stratham, NH.
Mom of three children ages 8, 10 and 12

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Want to try a free parent coaching tool?

Connect more deeply with your kids and move beyond oneword answers with these Conversation Jumpstarts.

  • Shift the energy and improve communication.
  • Reconnect with the parts of your kids that you love.
  • Develop creative ways to know more about your child’s inner world.

“I promise you A-ha moments of insight, connection with your inner wisdom, practical road-tested strategies tailored to your family. You’ll enjoy more love, peace, and fun with everyone in your life.”

— Amy Behrens
M.Ed. Harvard University,
Parent Coach, Social Justice Educator,
and Mom of three

Our home is a peaceful one…

After working with Amy, I feel like I understand my daughter much better now. I have so many new tools and resources to pull from. But most importantly, I have a new mindset. I’ve learned to respond differently to challenging situations and to be proactive to create more successful outcomes. I’m more curious and less judgmental. I’ve seen how creating more structure allows for more flexibility. These changes have boosted my daughter’s self-esteem and alleviated much of my tension.

I achieved my goal of improving my relationship with my daughter; we truly enjoy our time together and our home is a peaceful one. And I’ve also learned how to both support and empower her and I realize that is ultimately my job as her parent. Parent coaching has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself – and my daughter.

— Cindy E., Sudbury, MA
Mom of a 7 year old girl

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