Family Culture & 2024 Kickoff Retreat

Friday, January 19th, 2024 9am-1pm EST

Are the challenges of parenting outweighing the joy?

Have your dreams of family life been better than the current reality?

Let’s make parenting align with your dreams and values.


An outstanding investment in myself…

“Participating in this workshop was an outstanding investment in myself. As mothers, we often neglect our own dreams in favor of supporting our loved ones. At Amy’s suggestion, I carved out a morning to participate and was truly delighted with the outcome. Amy skillfully created a safe and supportive environment as we explored, and ultimately defined, what is most important to each of us. In addition to more clearly identifying dreams and goals, I paused from my busy life to connect with my own self. With Amy leading the charge, you are always in gifted hands and in good company. I highly recommend this delightful retreat day.”

— Susie Hill, Mom of three teens and 20+ in Fairfield, PA

We are entering a new year, and holidays and winter indoor time tend to illuminate or exacerbate ingrained family patterns. So, NOW is a great time to pause and be intentional about shifting patterns to the “family culture” you desire.

Join my “Family Culture & 2024 Kickoff” Retreat to get started.

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What is family culture?

From a biological standpoint, “to culture” means to maintain cells in conditions suitable for growth. Likewise, family culture can create conditions suitable for the healthy growth of our children.

In our day-to-day life, “family culture” can mean the ways of life shared within your household – the customs, morals, codes, and traditions.

Families don’t tend to discuss their culture and yet they expect everyone to know what’s expected and accepted.

How can I create the family culture I want?

Each family is unique, and YOU have the power to build your particular culture to help your children grow into adults you enjoy

The parents I work with bring me in because they want to make their home life feel more enjoyable — without knowing that what they really want to do is work on their family culture.

What will I get from the Family Culture & 2024 Kickoff Retreat?

In just four hours together – through individual and group reflection, direct teaching, and a transformational guided meditation – you will gain:

Clarity on what your family culture is and can be
Strong vision and tools for your family
Warm camaraderie with a group of like-minded parents
Inspiration to make time with your family more fun and enjoyable
Expert tips from parent coach Amy Behrens
Understanding of the “C’s of family culture”
Mindsets and action steps you can start using right away
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Like a miracle…

“Although it took me a lot of practice in the first couple of months to get used to saying my mantra when a situation called for it, it helped me transform my interactions and relationship with my child for the better, almost like a miracle! There is now more peace and order at home. So, Thank you Amy for having me join you in that workshop. Super appreciated!”

— Queenie Verhoeven, Mom in the Netherlands

Greatly enjoyable catalyst for my personal growth…

“I have attended 3 of Amy Behrens’s ‘Designing Your Life’ workshops and found them to be a greatly enjoyable catalyst for my personal growth. Amy is a highly knowledgeable and skilled facilitator, an attentive, understanding listener, and a thoughtful, compassionate group leader. Amy provides a peaceful environment where I feel safe to express myself honestly. I look forward to her groups and plan to continue attending her ‘Designing Your Life’ workshops in future as a great way to clarify my goals each year.”

— Ronda R. Yeomans, Mother of three in Natick, MA

Family Culture & 2024
Kickoff Retreat Details:

Join us on Zoom from anywhere in the world, depending on your time zone!

Join us:
Friday, January 19th, 2024 online


Snack breaks and virtual lunch included. 

$247 (parenting partners come free)

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We feel closer as a family…

“Amy helped us learn to collaborate with our child more often to get his input on difficult situations, like morning routines, which helps him invest in the solutions. We also have more productive conversations with him when we process difficulties because we have a framework. We feel closer as a family. Amy is non-judgmental and easy-going, which makes being vulnerable enough to make real changes easier. Her humor, practical approach and excellent questions made all the difference. Coaching with Amy has been one of the best investments we’ve made.”

— Amy and Pete, Mansfield, MA

Not sure? Here are some things to ponder…

  • What if I can’t make it at that time or can’t be there the whole time?

    If you sign up, the workshop will be recorded so that you can watch it again later or make up any time that you miss.
  • If I join, what can I expect to learn?

    Through our time together, you will:

    • Develop vision and tools for your family
    • Get inspiration to make time with your family more fun and enjoyable
    • Understand of the “C’s of family culture”
    • Experience warm camaraderie with a group of like-minded parents
    • Receive expert tips from a parent coach with years of experience working with families
    • Create action steps you can start using right away
    • Enjoy a virtual lunch together to answer any questions and share commitments.
  • How can I make the time for this? I’m so busy already!

    What if 4 hours of time enjoying yourself with other parents saved you endless hours of recovering from fights, misunderstandings, and plans that went awry?

    Imagine that this new year was one of the best years you’ve had with your family in a while? You will save time by learning and growing yourself so that you can help your family grow, too.

    Think outside the box: Ask a neighbor to do a kid swap or hire a babysitter if your kids aren’t in school. If you’re working, ask your boss (even if you’re your own boss) for some time to devote to your family’s happiness this coming year. As Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figuroutable.”

  • Who is facilitating this retreat?

    Amy Behrens, M.Ed. is a parent coach and educator who has been leading groups of parents, teens, children and families for 30 years. You can read more about her HERE and her workshops HERE.
  • How much does it cost?

    $247 (parenting partner included).  Think of this as a gift to yourself and your family.

    For the price of a fancy family dinner out, you can save yourself hours of headache by entering this new year clear, calm, and focused on how you want to be and what you want to do in the new year.

You will be amazed at how little shifts in focus and behavior work to create big changes in your family culture. Get ready to transform challenging moments into connecting moments that bring you and your family closer together.

Take time to make this new year one of your best years ever!

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